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The refrigerator is a modern household appliance which is mainly kept fresh and used for storage of food and drink. At Speed Queen QuickRepair Man, we offer refrigerator repair solutions to any problems affecting your refrigerator. Listed below are the issues affecting refrigerator, our technicians are on the ground to conquer the problem and put a smile on our customer’s face.

Dish washer

The dishwasher is a mechanical device used for washing and cleaning dishes and cutlery. It cleans by spraying hot water at the dishes and automatically applies detergent, drain the dirty water, spray water for rinsing, drain itself and heat hair to dry the dishes. Faulty dishwasher gives room for physical washing. Speed Queen Quick Repair Man bring to life your broken dishwasher, repairing the repairable and replacing the condemn parts.

Ice makers

The ice maker is a consumer device found inside a home freezer, a standalone appliance for making ice for home use or industrial machine for making ice on a large scale. The ice maker is the part of the machine that produces ice.

At Speed Queen Quick Repair Man, we fix, repair and replace broken, faulty parts of your ice maker; we have all parts of all manufacturers in stock and our technicians are always available to work.


Washer is a machine used to clean or wash with water, soap or detergent and clean as free from dirt, marks or stain. Washing by hand involves soaking, beating, scrubbing and rinsing which is somehow stressful, with washer, washing is quite easy and fast.

At Speed Queen Quick Repair Man, we fix any brand of a washer, if your washer is dead, our technicians are well experienced to bring it back to life, and you will enjoy the usage.


The dryer is a powered household appliance being used to remove dampness from clothing and other textile materials, usually short after they are washed in a washer. Many dryers have a rotating drum called ‘tumbler’ through which heated air blows to evaporate the dampness.

Speed Queen Quick Repair Man has talented technicians who can fix any issues concerning dryers, irrespective of the brand you have; we will repair your dead dryers and bring it back to life.


These are one of the kitchen appliances that cook and heat food by exposing microwave radiation. It heats food speedily and reheats formerly cooked food. A microwave consist of a metal cooking chamber, turntable or metal waveguides stirring fan, digital or manual control panel, magnetron control circuit, capacitor, transformer or power converter.

Speed Queen Quick Repair Man offers fast, excellence service and assures you 100% satisfaction with our professional work and personal service.

Wall Oven/range

Ovens are typically powered by either electricity or natural gas. It is used as a variety of method to cook; the commonest method is to heat the oven from below which is for roasting and baking or heat from the top which is broiling or grilling.

Speed Queen Quick Repair Man deals with all forms and brand of wall oven/ range for repairs and maintenance. Experts are available at your service


A cooktop is a kitchen appliance planned for the purpose of cooking food. New kitchen stoves have the burner on the top i.e. cook top or stovetop. It can be induction cook top or Electric cook top. A cook top refers to the top of a stove or burner built into a counter top.

Speed Queen Quick Repair Man fix, repair, replace and bring back to life any dead or faulty cook top put a call to us, and we will fix any issue affecting your cook top.

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